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How it is Possible for ClearIPCC Students to get Pass Percentage around 60%+?

The Secret Ingredient is Completing Entire Syllabus with revisions. You can ask your CA Friends who gave many attempts, Whether they completed their entire syllabus atleast once before attempt.Some students complete entire syllabus, but skips the revision part. Here at ClearIPCC we eliminate selective Study and Providing frequent revision schedules.

And we found that some students are not clearing even after Completing entire syllabus with Revision. Analysing our student's Answer Sheet copies we came to know that they are lacking the presentation skills. So we have implemented a new feature with Chapter Wise exams + Full Syllabus Exams along with Suggestions & Reports from Rankers team, It gives the student to rectify his/her Presentation Skills


We’re Constantly Improving Our Skills to Fulfill Student Goals

Our Planners are the most efficient method for anyone to prepare for their exams.We have helped thousands of candidates just like you to help prepare for your exams and its a great study Planner to prepare for Exams.Many of our Students claim that using our Planners is much better than their own Planning available to prepare for their exams.

Out of 100 students only 10 to 20 members completes entire syllabus and revises it in time, It’s because lack of planning or Poor planning in selecting what to study. ClearIPCC Provides the Perfect Planners and Motivates you to complete Syllabus on time with revisions
Due to selective preparations, students will usually end up at 35 to 49 Marks without availing aggregate marks, Our Study Planner Completes Entire Syllabus with minimum of one to four revisions as per student’s available time limit before the examination
Presentation of your Answers in CA-IPCC exams Plays very vital role in procuring the good marks, Our team provides suggestion on exams to improve presentation skills, Suggesting legal and eligible words related to subjects

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Pay one time - Get Study Planners, Chapter Wise Exams, Full Syllabus Exams, Support until you clear IPCC Exams

ClearIPCC Study Planners

Clear IPCC Study Planners are Prepared by Rankers and Qualified Members with Due care.

Completed in Time

Planners are completed in said Time, It will reduce your exam stress and boost your confidence in exams

Exams and Study Hacks

Study Hacks are useful for Preparation and Exams will be Prepared by our Rankers team as per amendments

Step- wise

Everything is pre-designed for your success all you need is follow our planners and read your best.

SMS Planners

Not using Social Media/Whatsapp while during preparation, Introducing SMS based Planners, Everything sent through SMS (To Download files Internet is needed)


We are providing best motivation courses, Speed Reading Courses, Memory Technique courses, at a Free of Cost

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