Clearipcc Registration Guide For May 2019

ClearIpcc Team has introduced different plans for all students, which was fail proof based on our past students analysis.

  1.  Only Planners:- Here you will get only Planners, for students who are fail to complete the syllabus in time, Some students completes syllabus but fail to revise in time
     A. Students who completed 50% to 70% syllabus and has passed in all papers but failed to score aggregate
    B. Students who can give good presentation and but fail to plan to complete syllabus
    C. Students who gave more than two attempts with including above two points A & B
  2. Only Exams: Here you will get single subject exams, For Single group and also both groups, Each subject covers every chapter and also full length exams with valuation and suggestion on each paper.
    A. Students who completed 100% Syllabus and has passed in all papers but failed to score aggregate
    B. Students who are lacking presentation skills, Timing, needed suggestions on all exams.
    C. Students who gave one or more attempts
    D. Students who are failed to get 40% or more marks in specific subject
  3.  Planners With Exams: It was mixed package which provides planners and once you complete the chapters or topics from schedule, then exams will be conducted immediately on respective completed chapters.
    A. Students who are lacking presentation skills and lack of planning to complete syllabus and revision.
    B. Students who are freshers
    C. Students who gave more than three attempts and unable to figure out what’s wrong
    D. Students who procrastinate and needs continues motivation until exams.