how not to get distracted while reading?

A non-failing formula to avoid depression is to keep yourself immersed in studies. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. If you indulge in anything apart from study, you will have the guilt of wasting time. If you sit idle, you will kill your chances of success by breeding pessimism. So the only way forward for you is to work hard. Ten hours of dedicated and focused study is all that it takes. Over the time you will build focus as well as stamina.

Now that your mind and resources are all ready, let us get down to working hard. Start with the objective that daily you have to study for at least ten hours. I followed the talisman of “10 for 3”. It expands to study ten hours for three months. This is the golden rule to begin with. On day 1 of course you might get distracted, you might not be able to focus, and you would end up taking frequent breaks and would actually not have the stamina to study for ten hours. It’s alright. It is the story with almost all the successful candidates as well. I improved over time. It’s not that I liked studying, I loved to clearing the exams.

Talking of my personal experience, I had pasted a quotation on the wall of my study room- “Nothing else matters, everything else can wait.” And this statement would echo in mind if I ever tried to get distracted from my goal. Once you achieve success, every night can be a party and everyone will want to be your friend. You must delay instant gratification to gain long lasting happiness. These all are mind hacks. If you win over your thoughts, you are sure to succeed. After coming to terms with your mind, make a laundry list of things and resources. Books, test series, study place is the minimum requirement.

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Sudha Sanjay