How to Score More Marks in CA Examination?

If you write an answer with proper indentation, Good Handwriting and drawing flow-chart diagram as and when required, you stand a good chance to score. Also, attempt all questions in your CA Examination. No matter how good an answer you write, you stand to score no more than 12 on 16 Marks of each Question.

But if you write an average answer knowing little bit, you can score a 8.

So let us analyse two scenarios:

Scenario I:
Attempted Questions: 4
Average attempted questions: 2
Very well attempted questions: 2
Score: 2×8 + 2×12 = 40

Scenario II:
Attempted Questions: All (6)
Average attempted questions: 4
Very Well attempted questions: 2
Total Score: 4×8 + 2×12= 56

So you see a difference of 16 marks! This is immense. Even one mark counts in CA Examination. The time that you spend on writing brilliant 4 answers can be divided into writing 4 average answers and 2 brilliant answers.