How to start preparation with ClearIPCC Study Planners?

The best way to get Clear the exams are to start early. But sadly, starting off is the most difficult part. For CA Exams, you need to start with a positive attitude. And start without thinking of results. In the beginning, your mind is but a blank slate. If you put in negative thoughts, you begin on the wrong note. Do not think of rank or Pass. It will only increase your baggage. Tell yourself to be prepared for hard work. You should prepare yourself to sacrifice some pleasure in life like parties, hangouts with friends, social media presence etc for 2 or 3 months

At the starting, you might feel that it is too much to be asked for but in the end when you see your name in the result list on the website of ICAI, your all efforts and sacrifices become worthwhile. Now you may argue that your friend X, who is now a CA or Cleared Some group, achieved success without having to give up on anything. Well, congratulations to “X” but you may not be so lucky. I have completed my CA already and believe me majority of the CA’s I have met have worked tremendously hard for what they have achieved. Some may have got lucky but their number is dismal. Why leave it to luck and leave it to be uncertain when you can work and ensure your seat in the coveted Chartered Accountant. So don’t think of taking a short cut, it might cut your success short.

What we do at ClearIPCC?
We Provide Planners dialy and you have to report us daily whether you have completed the provided planner or not, by that you will feel responsible on completing the entire syllabus with out any stress. And you can take chapter wise exams after completing the planners provided by our admins.

The Study Planners Prepared by Rankers and Qualified team members with due care, our planners comes with revision of minimum two times. Exams will be valued and suggestion provided on every exams. Study Hacks will be shared which we have followed in preparation

“Pay Once – And Get support until you clear IPCC Exams” – No Institute can say this words to CA Students. It is our responsibility to help the students to reach their goals.

All the Best.