How to start preparation without any stress?

A very important first step is also to be stealth about your preparation. By this I mean you should not show off what you’ve read and in fact not everyone even needs to know that you’re preparing. It serves two fold objective- first you are saved from unnecessary expectations. If you tell a lot of people, the day your results will be slated every one of those will be calling you and building more anxiety. While preparing also you
might think what my uncle or aunty or cousin will think if I don’t clear CPT/IPCC/CA-Final itself!! These thoughts can be best avoided if your uncle/aunty/cousin don’t even know you’re writing the exam. Sometimes it’s not us who tell others but our closed ones. It is impossible to not tell your parents and siblings or your close friends that you’re preparing for CA examination. The way out is to also tell them to not sing a song everywhere they go. Sometimes our parents take pride merely in the fact that their son/daughter is preparing for the CA examination. Tell them to avoid the temptation of flaunting. They can flaunt a zillion times more if you actually get cleared in CA Exams. Another reason, and a personal one with no psychological backing, for not telling others is your dream might get jinxed. Without saying much,just remember the evil eye effect. Why bring negativity to your most cherished goal of life. All it will take is for you to stay quiet. Remember the whole world will know it when your name would feature on the front page of the newspaper. You will have a lifelong license to show off then. Don’t take the pain while preparing. Be as low profile as you can.

I was certain that I don’t want everyone to know of my preparation. And it was not to sound secretive. Just that I was not sure of my clearing the attempt. And believe me no one is certain of their rank when they start their journey. I never imagined I would bag All India Rank 32. Here I mention that your close people should know about the journey you’re planning to undertake (In your case Please consider it as ClearIPCC Admins). They will be your emotional support. This exam requires a lot of patience. We might get frustrated at some stage and would feel like giving up. It will be these people who would then pull you back. You don’t have to be physically present to be seeking support from them. It can be over phone or email or even a small text. For instance I was preparing in Delhi while except for my mother, all my support pillars were out of the city. But whenever I would feel low or lacked the motivation to study, I would ring them up and get my dose of Vitamin

M- M for motivation. So that is your checklist for starting off:

Books/Study Material
Mental Strength
Close ones to provide emotional support.

Once you have ensured that you have these prerequisites, start off on a high note. Study religiously, become mad, become passionate and believe me nothing will stop you from becoming an officer.

All the best!
Nandhitha Y