International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is planning to conduct SWOT analysis in its operations. It hired VOP analytics ltd. to conduct the said analysis and asked him to tell them the significance of it for them. VOP analytics stated that such an analysis presents the information about both external and internal environment in a structured form where it is possible to compare external opportunities and threats with internal strengths and weaknesses. This helps in matching external and internal environments so that a strategist can come out with suitable strategy by developing certain patterns of relationship. The patterns are combinations say, high opportunities and high strengths, high opportunities and low strengths, high threats and high strengths, high threats and low strengths. Which of the following significance of SWOT analysis is highlighted in the above example?

  • A

    It provides a Logical Framework

  • B

    It guides the strategist in Strategy Identification

  • C

    It presents a Comparative Analysis

  • D

    All of the above